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Fire Fly

Bastimento, PANAMA
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This Lodge of 5 rooms with sea views, is located at the end of Old Bank (probably even more Old Bank at this level here). A little hidden by the trees in the jungle, he offers comfort and design, all there's more Bohemian and lovely, with pool. Which does not respect the human and wild island environment. To get there go through the village, for our greatest pleasure. Old Bank we love! In addition to discover every morning a different breakfast made from local products and if possible bios.

Unfortunately, we could not sleep there because they were renovating our passage, in low season. But its pretty façade hiding in the jungle with sea view, we have drawn a lot and we were informed about the establishment. Reassured on the veracity of the institutional commitment we decided to share it here.

Responsible stance

The hotel is implanted in the economy and the local culture. The owners are foreign if in respect of the men on the island that they wanted developed the lodge. Moreover, they also wanted a B & B ecofriendly.

-Firefly was built with wood from fallen trees and recycling primarily.
-They also use biodegradable and compostable straws at the bar.
-They have a compost
-They ask guests to bring their own water bottle, in order to re - fill (here we don't sell bottled water!). Water is available for free of course.
- And the bed linen is changed on request so also to save ' the washing water.
-Whether for breakfast or other meals, the hotel promotes local and organic produce as soon as possible. And almost everything is homemade.

Also from the website school invites future clients to responsible behaviour and from the authenticity of the island meet.

Finally (and not the least) Firefly is part of Bastimentos Clean & Green, a group of committed against waste on the island (the highest priority problem) and education on this subject. Feel free to ask them about this topic to expand and complete this part.

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