Picture of the place

Fondation Mona

Riudellots de la Selva, SPAIN

The Mona Foundation is a rescue center in monkeys, fighting for the protection of chimpanzees and macaques. It is located a few kilometres south of Girona. It is possible to visit the Foundation every Sunday on booking.

We visited the Foundation during our short stay in Catalonia, 3 and 2 days in Girona to Barcelona. It's actually to visit the Mona Foundation that we came by here. And we were not disappointed. The visit is made in Spanish, because we wanted to follow the collective visit and denied visits to French that could be made by a volunteer french. This has allowed us to understand all their current issues so of course work and the ways they work to fight, and obviously to observe the behavior of different individuals. The visit is also an opportunity to discover each monkey individually since they all have a name and a story, that our guide did not hesitate to tell us more or less in details each time.

Responsible stance

This NGO fighting against exploitation and for the protection of chimpanzees and macaques which are used as pets or mascots of animation (pub or movies). They recover, when they can illegally held animal, in this by giving the guard by the authorities. They then treat the animals physically as well as psychologically. Most of the time it is animals that lived in perfectly unsuitable conditions for years. Sometimes in too small cages so that they can stand up.

The choice of the NGO is to dehumanize the maximum its magnificent beasts that were far too, one of them has for years been dressed as a little boy for example. Thus, they minimize human contact and working deeply on the return to normal behavior with their peers. We asked ourselves a lot of questions about this. If they cannot be released into the wild, is it necessary to dehumanize them while some are very attached to humans and are in demand?

Good to know: the NGO also offers voluntary short to long term.


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