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Footprint Cafés


A cosy café and ethical!

On the basis of the finding that poverty + mass tourism does not coincide with poverty reduction, cafes Footprint aims to use the potential of tourism to have a positive impact on local communities.

And it's also a wonderful cafes and restaurant which offers plenty of vegetarian options. Super cozy, it's hard to not stay there one afternoon with a book! The team is friendly, happy to work here in my impression. They also link with volunteer organizations, do not hesitate to come and see for info.

A must-see, even just for a cup of coffee!

Responsible stance

Footprint cafés to chosen to establish cafes in countries at the same time very touristy and where there are barriers to education for local people. Started so by Siem Reap made tourist city by the Temples of Angkor.

All of the profits is donated to the local community in the form of education scholarship. Furthermore, Footprint offers conditions of rare and invested work for the welfare of his team (health insurance, training, maternal and paternal leave, career development).

In addition, cafes put into practice gestures eco-friendly vegetarian options, and a Vegan BBQ buffet 2 Tuesday, purchases to fresh local produce markets... Finally, coffee regularly organizes events promoting their commitment: sale of product of a women's association, international quiz (only mixed teams can expect to win: the questions are half in English, half in khmer, a beautiful) way to meet local)...

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