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Discover a Vietnamese canteen in Paris, where the Vietnamese culture and the Vietnamese are supported and valued. The former home of Vietnamese students, which has always been a place of encounters, of mutual assistance and cultural exchanges, has re-opened its doors with a new concept, but still the same Vietnamese authenticity and the same support to the community.

Here we eat of course Vietnamese specialties: Bo bun, pho, spring rolls, vegetables, stir fried noodles, salads, soups tamarin, pork with caramel, Lemongrass chicken, rice, tapioca,... all without breaking the Bank. The Home Menu for € 10 (€ 7.5 for students) is complete. But that's not all, home is also the ideal place where to discover exhibitions photos or take a cooking class.

Responsible stance

Home Viet Nam is foremost an association which aims to support the Viet Nam. Profits are donated to humanitarian and cultural projects.

In addition, it offers a space for free to companies and associations who one way or another to support VietNam and € 0.20 for each meal are used to support students in difficulty.

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