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Garden hôtel et apparts

Rennes, FRANCE
Boutique Hôtel
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The Garden Hotel and Apartments include a small 25-room family hotel and an 8-room furnished studio house in the city centre of Rennes (35), 600 metres from the SNCF train station. The whole city centre is within walking reach.

We have been certified as European Ecolabel since 2016 and are committed to constantly improving in terms of responsible commitments.

Responsible stance

We are committed to reducing water consumption, energy, waste and reducing the use of chemicals for the maintenance of rooms and linen (see detail below).

Our breakfast is mostly made up of local and/or organic products.

We make our staff and customers aware of eco-gestures. Our interior patio is an LPO refuge, our old bathtubs have become aquarium and garden! We welcome cycling travellers (bike welcome label)

For more details on our commitment to water, energy and waste:

Waste reduction and sorting
- No individual portions for breakfast,
- No wrapped home products,
- Selective sorting at the common areas (kitchen, breakfast) and possible sorting by guests in the rooms (organic, packaging, glass, light bulbs, batteries, cartridges, fabrics ... )
- Organic waste goes to our hens,
- Coffee grounds go to our garden,
- Used towels are reused as rags,
- Furniture renovation (painting, makeover),
- Donations of used furniture

Water consumption
- Replacing bathroom renovations with water-efficient faucets, as well as washing machines (we went from 135 litres of water in 2013 per night to 87 litres per night in 2020); water collector for watering patio plants;
- awareness of the reuse of towels by customers

- green electricity contract,
- boiler maintenance,
- changing thermostats,
- smart radiators,
- energy-efficient washing and drying machine,
- no air conditioning at home for the few days of strong annual heat,
- lighting all LED,
- presence detectors...

- We invested in an ozonated water generator, which has a detergent and disinfectant power (effective on covid). This allows us to do the daily cleaning (complementing with diluted vinegar and white stone) without any chemicals;
- laundry and toilet products are eco-labeled, as are our toilet papers, paper towels, and tissues.


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