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Gazette Café

Montpellier, FRANCE
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The coffee Gazette is both a literary Café, a barn one organic restaurant and a cultural scene.

Tastings are often organized whether it's organic wine of the best producers in the region
Tastings are often organized to ensure there is a friendly atmosphere where we place regularly of local wines or even olive oil tastings.
The self offers many salads, waters and juices, desserts that you put on his plate. For dishes or tapas, we choose pictures and it indicates the cashier his choice and table number.
Two rooms can be rented for any event company and association or for meetings, seminars, training sessions, presentations or private meals.

Many exhibitions, concerts and seminars are available and visible in the calendar section.
A library and a reading room are also available.
Coffee Gazette favours meetings and evenings in a priority objective: create the link.

Bookings table, request for information or quote for groups can be performed within the site through the contact tab.

Responsible stance

The restaurant mainly from organic foods. The gazette Café offers a large selection of juices, teas, beers, vegetable juice and wine.
All drinks are bios, except for a few drinks.


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