Picture of the place

Geodesic Dome

Quebrada de Alvarado, CHILE

Installed between the southern Cordillera of central Chile between the Cordillera of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Mateo and Ale, a couple Franco-Chilien welcome you warmly in a geodesic dome installed on a cliff in the middle of a hundred fruit trees.

7 m diameter dome, is 40 m 2 offer heating and access to the toilet dry to 20 meters. An original accommodation that allows to go walking in the plantation (in permaculture) or much further, to taste meals cooked by the couple with the garden products! A perfect stop for relax!

Responsible stance

Their goal is to encourage the reforestation of the massif in order to combat climate change and the intensification of the advance of the desert in the region.

Permaculture, toilet dry, greywater recycling, sorting and recycling at 100% and current implementation of photovoltaic electricity.

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