Picture of the place

Gîte Le Bocal - Gîte Zéro Déchet

Seigne, FRANCE

Our cottage welcomes you for a stay that is conducive to relaxation and discovery! You will stay in a charming, renovated home using products and eco-friendly furniture and the environment, as well as men, in one of our 3 rooms which are the theme of materials: wood, cardboard, and wrought iron.

The jar is for the curious who want to experience a different lifestyle. If you wish, we will accompany you for a holiday zero waste! Thanks to workshops to learn how to limit or reuse your waste. For a period of two to three hours, they are animated whenever you want. They cater to both children and adults. Insiders can have, continue to restrict their packages during their vacation.

We put at your disposal books, DVDs, indoor and outdoor games, bikes... and even a grainotheque to test our seeds or trade them for yours! In the cottage, you will find all the necessary information to make the most of the surrounding area. You can also refer to our addresses to buy organic produce and local production season.

Responsible stance

We host workshops around the zero waste: manufacture of cosmetics (toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo...), manufacturing of decorative items (blind, gate photo, range covered...), production of a "shopping without packaging" kit, manufacturing of cleaning products or even manufacture of sourdough bread.

In addition, the House is renovated with (whitewash of clay, ecological paint...) environment-friendly products and decoration was carried out from recovery products, buying opportunity, DIY home.

Our Zero waste approach, we provide four garbage sorting (glass, plastic packaging, papers/small boxes and compost). The products are homemade from environmental friendly product. We know the producers of the corner to provide local, organic products and packaging. The playful garden Permaculture in the garden can offer you some delicious fruits and vegetables. Finally, as we like insects, we their have manufactured small "bug hotels" so that they can feel them too at home.


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