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Grande épicerie générale

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The great general store is a participatory and co-operative supermarket.
In this supermarket, members are not only owners of the structure, but must also take part in its operation by giving 2 hours of their time per month. The logic of the project is simple: by reducing costs and expenses compared to a conventional supermarket, we can reduce the selling price of the products, while paying the price just the producers.

So, each Member must, in order to buy, give 2 hours per month for work at the grocery store: take care of the Fund, of the bulk, receiving orders, household... This is the opportunity to meet and exchange with people sharing our beliefs and ideologies.

Responsible stance

Proposal of products: local, organic (the local is preferred to the bio) of producers in the region
Products are available in bulk, we can bring its own containers

This address has been shared on 14/09/2018 by Chiara.ametrano , the establishment itself.


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