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Green Lab

Montpellier, FRANCE

Green Lab, is a new snack just up the street from the University. A super nice decoration in pallets for offer falafel. A nice room next door, offers a capacity of about 20 seats and a few seats outside.

We took 2 pitas take-out and they are definitely the best I've ever had, and yet I often eat Falafel, I love it. The recipes here are quite original while respecting the "soul" of the traditional falafel, the total foot! I feel I will go back, and go back and return again. And more with these great times, it will be the perfect place to find dining schedules not possible where I'm often hungry.

Falafel in Pita format with shoots of spinach, tomatoes, eggplant, red cabbage and sauce tahini € 6 each with its originalities: Super Chic (Humus), Silver Green (the goat Tzatziki and Pesto), Purple Eyes (to the Humus of beets) and Red Kiss (in the Humus of) Sun-dried tomatoes). Each can be served on a plate for € 7.9

Plate there is also a plate of Quinoa, a Humus with all humus plate proposed in pitas. In addition you can choose each type of humus in hand, fries potatoes, falafel without anything, etc and drink there is the choice between juice craft including the Matahi and beers bio...

Responsible stance

It is the ideal place to eat vegetarian on the thumb or posed. The concept of the House is to offer 100% vegetarian fast food: vegetarian pita to € 6, vegetarian plate € 9 / € 12, small side dishes (fried potates, hummus in all genres, falafel) €4 / €6... There are also drinks (artisanal juice, beer (bio).

Note that the products used, in addition to being exclusively plant, if possible organic and local.

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