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Guy & sons

Montpellier, FRANCE

The best vegeburgers of Montpellier and I believe that I've tested them all! When I come here, ' I even want to take a "classic" burger. Their plant is achieved with a mushroom, portobello poelle and breaded. My favorite? the blue & figs but I also like the kromesky.

Otherwise, there are above all burgers with real French meat in it and great fries. Otherwise, I never really wanted to taste the salad so that I do not know.

Plus also, among the variety of drinks you will find organic lemonade, juices organic and full of original beers (in my sense of shame that there are also the coke and heineken)

Responsible stance

In addition to finally offer a good veggie burgers (with choice and more - there is not one...) all the packaging are 100% recyclable with the sustainably managed forests from papers and a labeled print printed ' green.

The desserts are served in glass (both reusable and recyclable) and oils are recycled into biodiesel for the tractor from the producer of potatoes. True circular economy that has meaning and with so many French fries, it doesn't hurt.

Certainly it is a chain, a brand that takes the stripes since it is soon 10 restaurant everywhere in France we can find them including Clermont where they started and Lyon where there are already 4. But can we blame them for their success when it's good and well thought?

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