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A small cute shop who was recommended to me by abcdelphine (blogger) and where I could find a gift for a friend dear. Everything is lovely here, want to Rob anything. A good half of the store revolves around baby, but not that. There are also jewelry, objects of decoration and funny stuff: changing travel, jewellery, cushions, hooks teats in tissue sewn hands, little mouse in fabrics to hide the teeth,

Responsible stance

The big plus of this shop is mainly choose products made in France of small designers. However this is not a 100% logic, the goal is to have fun and products useful for young parents in green lifestyle version.

I especially cracked on the map that references the creators - team french - are and on descriptions of some nes. For example the following small text is: "who's behind ANGUS? .. .of creations ready to make you travel! Clotilde JACQUET studied fine arts and is passionate about sewing... its pretty brand workshop ANGUS... a small family of animals in the unique style... each piece is unique, entirely made by hand... Handmade in Vichy..."
It makes you not want?

In addition we find a lot of products for a life zero waste, as the lovely washable wipes that I bought.

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