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Montpellier, FRANCE
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HappyMoov is both a transport service charge on Montpellier and an opportunity to discover Montpellier otherwise.

The fly or on telephone reservation in the heart of the city of Montpellier.
Happymoov can take on board its velotaxi through town for you allow you to move quickly and easily. His design for the urban territory, "City Cruiser" to be fast without emitting any pollution.

An original guided tour and eco-friendly in taxivelo!
During a visit to 1 h, you can discover Montpellier otherwise commented on by your driver. It will show you the sights and good addresses for a taste of local products. It is available for a real exchange.

The tour: Comedy, Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, Musée Fabre, halles Castellanes, Cathedral, Faculty of medicine, the Peyrou, Courthouse Plaza, square Ste Anne, Hotel St Come... Discovered stops are planned to enjoy the view and discovery!

The HappyMoov network is 8 years old and transports you today in 19 cities of France.

Responsible stance

The Happymoov project was born to offer a mode of transport alternative, convenient, fast, quiet and green close to the population Montpellier.

The small + that we please:
Our little finger said, Anthony and Antoine (it can not be invented a duo like that) even if they do not put forward was also in a process of integration...

For transparency:
HappyMoov is paid by advertising, by the race drivers. So do not be surprised to make the visit of the city stamped SNCF, Orange, or another big teaches, or smaller as Biocoop.

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