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Hara House

Bikaner, INDIA
Hostel B&B
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The first guesthouse zero waste in the North of the India!
It can accommodate up to 15 people in 2 dormitories with 4 and 2 private rooms.

Responsible stance

Hara reinvested House 20 percent of its profits in environmental and educational projects and here the food is of course bio.

For Zero waste, here are the updated approach in place:
-first and that's what I prefer, they decided to eliminate the waste and the use of products and disposable packaging, but especially to encourage residents and travellers to do the same.
-they don't buy products packaged in plastic
-Offer reusable tote bags - if there are it's recycled plastic
-There is a compost on-site to enhance biowaste and feed on the roof garden.
-Hara house offers to keep recyclable items you "find" during your stay in order to give them to local entrepreneurs who can sell them
-On-site paper hygienic post-consumer or you can switch to the Indian mode of course!

Furthermore - they work with local partners;
-Encourage the showers timed;
-Use grey water sinks and laundry to clean soil and water.
-Offer a natural soap made from berries, which allow the use also greywater in the garden on the roof.

In addition to the new projects are underway for 2019:
-use of the #CowPoopPower (of cow dung) as fuel;
-Objective Guest House 100% solar for 2021, knowing that a good part of the energy is already, especially for the water heater.

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