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HbA1c spot gourmand

Montpellier, FRANCE
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Yes, the name is capillotracte, we'll give you that. But behind this abbreviation funny, there is the concept.

Diabetic friends, you won't have to worry constantly about the contents of your plate. Here is a map where all carbohydrates are shown flat by flat, and there is no refined sugar.

You can be relieved, especially as the prices are very decent for food on the go in City Center (count between 6 and 11 euros for the menus) that the products are as fresh, local and organic!

Responsible stance

First, it is a place where you want to serve good food, healthy and low-calorie ("History began after 1 calory") but it's especially a good plan for diabetics. Indeed, HbA1C is the another name of hemoglobin would, which is one of the two markers of diabetes control.

Those who want to eat "healthy" for one reason or another (gluten free, vegan and diabetics by the way) will find to break the crust without breaking their bank.

The restaurant is also accessible to people with reduced mobility.


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