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HI Chicago


Hostelling International is a non-profit hostels chain, located all around the world.
The establishment of Chicago is located in the heart of Downtown, near the Millennium Park, Lake Michigan... 2nd biggest hostel of America, it is possible to stay in a dormitory or in a private room. The public in the hostel is very varied: solo travellers, couples, families, retirees and even the business men and women! Free activities are offered every day, such as tours of the city, practice to meet the world. The staff is extremely friendly, the place is clean, secure and welcoming.

Responsible stance

HI is committed to a policy of sustainable development throughout its institutions.
In Chicago I was able to note:
-the recycling of waste and the recovery of Organics and paper towels for compost
-water fountains to avoid plastic bottles
-electricity from renewable energy sources largely

Editor's Note:
It seems that commitment is part of the DNA of HI, also at the level of solidarity. We notably spotted a #SleepforPeace campaign. We do not know but looking forward you to tell us you also your experience.

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