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The Home store on Earth offers artisanal products inspired by nature from around the world.

Whenever I walk past one of the 2 shops Home on Earth in Barcelona, I can't help but get into it. It's always beautiful and a source of inspiration to the trip. The products come from all over the world. Many are also useful for travel items.

I particularly remember having flashed on a portable hammock, parachute canvas. But also on many objects of decoration and gift ideas. Even if you don't buy anything, the shop is worth a visit.

I didn't visit this store in Berlin, but I have no doubt whether all such astonishing, and more she stands in a historic monument!

Responsible stance

The products chosen to be sold at Home on Earth come from fair circuits. In direct collaboration with producers the now franchise ensures the respect of nature and the working conditions of the offered products. This is made possible by the absence of intermediary: pure fair trade!

Mette and Stefan the founders, first traveled the world looking for craftsmen, to find the products they wished to sell in order to return to nature and eco-citizen awareness. Before you create the store, they were selling these products on markets.

In addition, much of the products offered for sale are made with natural materials.

The small +:
For many products labels indicate the source, materials and traditions related to the manufacture of the object.

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