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Hostel Villa Vento Surf

Panama City, PANAMA

A backpackers hostel we like: clean, nice atmosphere without being too festive or too noisy (in any case at the start of high season), well placed in Panama City, a single private room, dorm 5 or 8 people, good advice, a 24/24 reception and a sense of security (phones and computer laptops unattended left in the common room, I have rarely seen it elsewhere).

Of course the big + is the swimming pool and the garden terrace, a small corner of paradise in the middle of the 30-story buildings. It must be said, Panama City is the city where we'd stay but a few days here before continuing his adventures, is not unpleasant. We stayed 4 days, mainly enjoy the swimming pool and a good wifi.

Responsible stance

Here, the case has been taken over (may 2017) by 3 young (Camille, a French / Carmelo, a Venezuelan / Charly, a Venezuelan Torrijos). Little by little they improve the place both in terms of atmosphere and positive impact. So, there can be more engaged in the capital, but I have not found.

A hostel in transition :D
-Furniture are gradually replaced by recycled pallet furniture made by Charly.
-The products are either ecological or natural (Camille did discover the benefits of white vinegar to the housekeeper, who used to use bleach everywhere).
-Camille plans to change all products for home-made products, she did laundry. She would particularly make the mists of Pillow made from essential oils.
-Offered for sale ($1) beers are bottled with instructions (which is a fairly common practice, but it's cool anyway...)
-They offer bikes for rent.
-It is possible to give them clothing or other which you no longer need (I abandoned my pair of boots that me was very useful in Amsterdam but all here). They that are arranged with the cleaning woman who lives in a neighborhood very poor, it redistributes the goods to those in need;
-The air conditioning works only at night and in the rooms. (It could be less strong and powered by solar energy but it's something).

If you pass by here, feel free to ask them where they are all that and to make suggestions for improvement. This is ours:
-Sorting of the capsules of beer for upcycling or donated to an association that actually.
-Sorting of bottles plastic re-use, for those who have no water bottle.
-Propose a bottle of water for those who do not want to drink water from the tap (or filter) > free prizes.
-Display information to encourage passengers to responsible behavior, e.g. "Tap water in Panama city is drinkable so do not hesitated to refill your botle instade of expect new one - #savethePlanet #LessPlastic: D"
-Given the amount of rain here, something must be able to be made in retrieving it.

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