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Hôtel Attrap'Rêves

Allauch, FRANCE
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A property is located 12 kilometres from Marseille curious hotel that invites you to a unique experience. The caught ' dreams proposes to make you sleep under the stars in a bubble, in the heart of the pine forest. Here, no room but funny transparent bubbles, in the middle of the green.

At night, when they are illuminated, the bubbles look like small moons. Perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape, the bubbles allow the day to admire nature in all its splendour and overnight, to observe the sky with the naked eye or with a telescope that is made available to customers. Each room has private toilet installed of course outside, in a small wooden cottage.

In bubbles, there is something for everyone, it is to you to choose more or less opaque, romantic or contemporary, Japanese Zen or 360 °. If the idea of spending a weekend or more you try, it is also possible to enjoy a Jacuzzi in the heart of nature. The perfect place for lovers. Each bubble has its own path so that the space and privacy of each is fully preserved and respected.

Here in Allauch he comes to the first spot of magic bubbles, but since the company has made small bubbles that have installed a little further: 4 new spots have developed. 4 bubbles in the National Park of the Luberon, others between Aix en Provence and Marseille, others still in the Regional Natural Park of the Verdon and finally a bubble was arise between the vineyards of the area of the Tuilierre in the Var.

Responsible stance

Each bubble is composed of recyclable materials, as they generate a minimal energy expenditure.

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