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Hôtel*** de l’Abeille

Orléans, FRANCE

A nice traditional hotel extremely well positioned in the heart of Orleans to 3 min walk from the train station.

I could not enjoy the hotel as it deserves, since I was there for training in the basement room. But the staff was lovely all weekend and the little that I could enjoy the tea room-hall, I found it very nice with its large bay-window. As for the decoration of the rooms, some will find this kitsch I found that the classic was done tastefully and cela reminded me of the relay-castles where I was sleeping with my grandmother 20 years ago.

If I had the time I wish to enjoy the terrace with view on the cathedral roof and Brunch (on Saturday and Sunday from 12: 00 to 15: 00)

Responsible stance

This 3-star hotel doing its small part of the Hummingbird with
-Distributors of soaps in the bathroom and the shower (no individual products that create unnecessary waste)
-A reminder of the amount of water needed to wash the towels to encourage customers not to do wash their towels daily
-The weekend brunch is offered with organic products

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