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Human store

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Second hand shop offers also some accessories from fair trade as those made under the project P3: plastic covers, project, a project in Burkina Faso which allows to recycle plastic while creating the jobs for women in the territory. You can also find this project on voyagir, because they welcome visitors to discover the workshops and share life on the spot for a few days.

Responsible stance

Human Store depends on the Organization Yalla! forward which is designed:
-to help children in poverty in Belgium but also in France (action to the benefit of the children and teenagers of the camps of Dunkirk).
- and to push children of Benin and Burkina Faso to food self-sufficiency through a sponsorship program.
-actions of awareness against female genital mutilation in particular are also supported.

The store Huma store allows you to raise money and service of warehouses for donations.

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