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Santa Marta, COLOMBIA

Organic and vegetarian café-restaurant in a small (quite touristy) very pleasant Street in Santa Marta. We are chosen the terrace for dinner watching the nightlife start, or inside very relaxing with vegetal wall and fountain, for the breakfast or coffee. The wifi is excellent which also makes a very good spot for digital nomads.

We asked for breakfast.
The Suizo, bowl of fruit, nuts and granola with almond milk is delicious, can be a bit expensive (14000Cup - € 4). Sencillo, toast, butter and jam with a hot drink, is ideal when want you to a breakfast at the French. Butter and bread are really good (9000Cup - 2€ 50).

And we went back for dinner, it was very good.

Responsible stance

The juices are served without straws and for customers who want an absolutely, they're biodegradable cardboard.

The majority of products consumed here are organic and local. The coffee comes from their own organic farm.

Here organic waste are used in compost on the farm.

The roof is covered with solar panels supplying coffee in solar energy.

If you want to take away the packaging is biodegradable.

Small +: these elements are well highlighted on the tables on a small tripod. On the map the dishes vegan and gluten free are well reported.


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Voy'actors comments

Comme à la maison ...

J’ai adoré petit déjeuner avec mes sœurs chez Ikaro, la raison est simple : le petit déjeuner bio ressemblait à celui que j’aurais pu préparer à la maison : fruits frais, jus de fruit naturel, pancakes maison bio, et un thé ... à tomber à la renverse! Rien de tel pour bien démarrer sa journée !

mars 2018