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InSitu French School

Montpellier, FRANCE

Created and hosted by committed professionals, InSitu French School is based on a belief: he needed to learn. Our courses lead to activities and projects combining language work, local exploration and encounters with native speakers. Our name comes from the latin "in situ", which means "on-site": in fact, our students learn the french in school and "situation".

Our goal?
Develop your skills in french by integrating you to exciting local initiatives.

InSitu French School is a laboratory of ideas! Our team gathered around a strong desire to put the creativity, dynamism and efficiency in the teaching of the french. Our programs are fed by our experience of expatriation (30 countries), education (youth and adults), the practice of languages (English, German, Japanese) and interculturalism. Oh yes, and one other common point: we love our job.

Responsible stance

For you to discover the best of Montpellier and its surroundings, we have built a network of local partners in the field of culture, sport and media. Thanks to these great collaborations, InSitu offers its students activities and exclusive projects. It will be the opportunity to meet native speakers, to practice your french and discover Montpellier and its surroundings in good company!

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