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Isla Verde

Santa Cruz La Laguna, GUATEMALA
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A hotel permaculturel, a sincere eco, a Spanish hostess, a breathtaking view on the popular Lake Atitlan, charm, comfort, yoga, elegance, an incredible taste... And we told you everything.

In General, the Isla Verde is a place thought to indulge in pleasures while respecting nature. Eat well, relax, laze, meditate, marvel at the nature... Ana, the hostess offers many activities in this direction: massage, shiatzu, bath with view of the starry sky, sauna maya, introduction to medicinal plants and floral therapy, yoga and meditation: activities that invite you to slow. But also, activities which invite to adventure: paddle, hiking, visits to local communities, ascent of volcanoes, kayak... Cuisine, the restaurant of the Isla Verde claims to slow food. Always the same logic of the respect of ethics and pleasure at the same time, ecology and gastronomy. All with elegance.

Responsible stance

As you can see here pleasure and ecology go hand in hand.

RESOURCES management: Water and energy
Solar panels help to produce energy to illuminate the scene and heat the water. It is processed naturally by double filtering - plants and stone - for showers and triple filtering - sand, activated carbon, UV - for drinking water. The latter is put self-service so they don't have to buy bottled water. Don't forget your gourds! By refusal of the plastic, the hotel sells bottles of water or soda. Greywater is then used for the garden. The hotel is self-sufficient and there is avoided by the use of plastic.

From the beginning, a comprehensive approach of reusage was hired. For example, the stones unearthed during excavation work were re-used for confined spaces gardens or form the path. Various objects have been recovered in houses doomed to destruction, including sinks, doors, and windows. Bottles consumed in the restaurant are kept for subsequent uses: lighting, planters... The cushions of the living room and terraces are transformed and filled with worn clothing traditional fabrics. A fishing boat found, then arranged, is now a swing in the garden. Finally, all organic waste are used in compost that fertilizes the gardens, the Herbarium and the vegetable garden.

In majority, with the exception of imported bamboo on the side, the materials used in the construction come of the place and the surrounding area. Moreover, 90% of the products of the restaurant come kitchen of the hotel gardens and fruit trees, the market in the nearby village or farm bio Tzununa. Bottles of wine are imported.

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