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Jaguar, centro de rescate

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, COSTA RICA

The Jaguar Rescue Center is a haven for wildlife, located a few km from Puerto Viejo. His goal is to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and return to the wild of injured or orphaned animals. The refuge retrieves all the animals of the region that are reported as wounded or lost in an urban area.

Named in honor of its first resident, a jaguar so, the refuge now focuses more on sloths and monkeys. The Center was founded by Encar, a Spanish zoologist and her partner Sandro, an Italian herpetologist (a what? an expert on amphibians...).

4 visits are organized every morning (2 hours / 2 languages), allowing visitors to see up close, to learn more about them and to be aware of the dangers they run. Visits take place that morning, because this isn't the primary purpose of the refuge. The afternoon is dedicated only to the care of animals.

Volunteer opportunities exist for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Since Puerto Viejo do not hesitate to go biking, that's what we did we. In the morning he is cool enough to be able to do. It is also possible to take the bus direction Punta Uva and ask him to take you to Jaguar.

Responsible stance

Since its creation more than 600 animals were released into nature, which is at the shelter to be recognized worldwide for the quality of its programmes.

Throughout the region, in a situation involving a wild animal, authorities warn this Center in priority. This allows to avoid killing them lack skills and fear.

In addition to their goal of rescue and reintroduction of wild animals, the Center is developing a community education program. In order to educate communities on good practices that allow to avoid that animals are forced to be rescued, but also in the interest of the community. Indeed, work is being done on snakes, explaining behaviors to having to identify those who are dangerous.

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extraordinaire experience

Ce rescue center est au dela de l'interet de tout Recue Center dans le monde - (ou je reve d'aller travailler benevolementun peu pour m'evader) est vraiment tres abouti dans toutes ses pratiques tant à l'egard des animaux que de l'insertion des locaux, l'accueil de benevoles, etc impressive !!! j'en reve je veux y aller. pensez pour des vacances responsables a ce concept!

juin 2017