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Jimmy Fairly

Bordeaux, FRANCE

Jimmy Fairly, it's design glasses really very beautiful and less expensive, manufactured by hand with glasses Made in France. This is a second pair of glasses offered to someone who really needs. It is also to be cool while being engaged.

And it is now several stores in France and one in line. We can assure you, the glasses are all also refundable as usual by mutual, the price of glasses is included in the price from €99 to €150 and they are guaranteed for 1 year.

I just bought a pair of sunglasses to view, you will see them may be on pictures of the Philippines. We'll see how that goes. In any case, it took me a long time to pick them, so there are beautiful glasses in this shop. I really loved the shop and being able to change the glasses for 1 month.

I got them at home, since it has not yet shop in Montpellier and I enjoyed the packaging and the note that came with my new glasses.

To the little story as I tell you when I bought the glasses a few days before Christmas, the saleswoman told me that a few days earlier a customer had reproached him to want to give the second pair free to charity instead than her. The poor saleswoman didn't know what to say. And I don't...

Responsible stance

"Buy One give One": Jimmy Fairly works in partnership with the association see life fighting blindness in Guinea. For every pair purchased, one is given to the association. They were once also worked with Emmaus. This principle is called "Buy one Give one", a few shops practice. The additional cost of the offered glasses is completely absorbed by Jimmy Fairly and not by the client.

Affordable glasses for all: all pairs of glasses, glasses included, range from €99 and €150 for hyper design glasses, a little vintage. All this and more in the fight against the optical industry lobby (that one we know it very well, but apparently he's like the others).

Local and craft: the glasses are made in France, the design is french, and manufacturing is handmade in Italy.

Recycling: Jimmy Fairly retrieves our old pairs of glasses... (Confess, there are how many in your closet? me I count 4 pair, yuck!).

So Jimmy Fairly is really great. Unfortunately, as with most of its competitors practicing the "Buy one, give one", the product is of lower quality and manufactured in Asia, but good little by little the bird makes its nest... And also, we would like to know whence the materials of these great frames, if they could be derived from responsible management or at least rational, that would really be the foot!

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