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K&K- Koffe and Kitchen

Montpellier, FRANCE

Montpellier Koffee or how to go to independent franchise...
What franchise the team K & K is is disconnected? Who cares, but what seduced me it is risk taking: leaving the franchise model that works well and grows by conviction, in order to better serve its customers by being more responsible. It is in any case the speech of the Managing Director who is very happy to discuss his choice all recent, summer 2017.

Here so we find the classic recipes of the Coffe Shop but still innovative drinks: juice of the day: lemon - raspberry top refreshing and very little sugar, a cake of the day, etc.

Is just next to Gibert, top to read the last travel guide on the bought Galapagos of opportunity, giving appointment has a boyfriend since it is has 3 minutes from the place de la Comédie.

Plus: new card of course, but they take all the points of the former. I quote: "we made a choice not the customer is to suffer, especially if you stay faithful"

Responsible stance

They took their independence to strive to have more responsible practices: straws cardboard (to available), not set on the trays to save paper, they wash them, waste sorting...

And then the Manager is not the ecology, but also human. The team is super friendly, ready a chat of the city of Montpellier, and responsible to improve practices.

Anyway... I am happy with their choice.

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