Picture of the place

Kang Kohan Ecolodge

During your stay in Iran you can stay in this small village near Mashhad. This Ecolodge has been designed with respect to local architecture and the population.
The property is not accessible by car, you will have to park a little further down and cross the charming village of Kang.
The common room will allow you to take your meals with other tourists and enjoy it to share, Exchange and have a good time.
When I was there, there were two people who spoke English, and who could bring you to discover the surrounding nature.

You will feel at the end of the world and will find the warm welcome of the Iranians.

Responsible stance

To have discovered different eco-lodges in Iran I can assure you that here they make efforts.
To begin the architecture is typical, natural materials and region.
Meals are prepared on site, in the small kitchen which is right next to the dining room. The ingredients used are in the region. You will discover and enjoy the traditional cuisine of the Mashhad region. It's a delight.
What I find well in this project is that the owner took the time to make the inhabitants contribute, to make them understand the project, to explain to them the arrival of the tourists (it is an isolated village, which is not used to welcome tourists) ...
He also worked on raising awareness among the locals to make them aware of the importance of preserving the local architecture. This is a major problem in Iran. This country builds very unsightly buildings (to my liking) and far away from the local architecture.

Still things had to be put in place when I was there, I think in particular about waste management. The person I spoke with told me it was a project. I hope that today everything is in place.

In any case, if you are in Iran, do not hesitate to stay in this charming accommodation and that bears well its name (unlike other in the country).


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