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Karma Waters, Hoi An

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Eat vegetarian or vegan in Vietnam maybe isn't always easy. In this restaurant, however you are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or carnivore (who is not afraid of a salad leaf) you should enjoy.

The menu is varied, tasty and 100% organic. Traditional Vietnamese dishes version veg or Western cuisine, all at the minute with fresh homemade, there is what to do. And when we say done House is in front of you that everything goes. Go with fresh juice. And as if that wasn't enough, a lovely should complete treat yourself.

small +:-it is forbidden to smoke in the restaurant. And Viet Nam, that it's really rare, smoking everywhere everywhere else.
-In addition to a superb meal, it is also possible to take courses of kitchen here ($40 / 2 h 30)

We it has not been there, but the rave reviews on this restaurant, really gave us water to the mouth.

Responsible stance

Karma Waters is above all a NGO that aims to support the development of lifestyle organic and vegan, to support ethnic communities in difficulties and provide medical support. The restaurants are designed to finance these actions.

There are several Karma waters vegan restaurants, all share the same philosophy and a commitment to a lifestyle vegan, organic and healthy. Here, we're not vegan for fashion, the founders and most of the employees are themselves vegan. Moreover, institutions offer specific products without gluten: muffins, bread and cakes, and most of the dishes are gluten-free.

And above all, your meal can be used either to provide a meal to someone in need (25 meals distributed per day on average), to offer a meal in hospitals (1400 meals distributed 2 times per month), cela just by enjoying a delicious meal for you.

THE +++ what ON love:-the possibility to fill his water bottle, not water bottles on sale.
-In addition to pay just your meal you can practice "hanging lunch" and thus pay in advance for an entire meal, which will be offered to a person in need.

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