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Kebun Kaki Bukit


A great farm evolving that aims to be self-sufficient and the ambition to be a must for education in permaculture and aquaponics and sustainable construction. David and Susan runs this place in the middle of the Malaysian nature, close to a river, which has an artificel Lake where some can even learn to fish.

They welcome visitors for a day, but also volunteers to work and learn with them (no skills required, but an interest in their project at a minimum). You can discover how to make compost in 1 week with microorganisms, discover the plants, vegetables and fruits of this region, or how plant, repot...

I stayed there for 2 weeks, during which I met many other volunteers with whom I have rebuilt the aquaponics system, finished a clay oven, ate pizzas home cooked in the other clay oven, the river walk, discovered a Wild avocado...

If you are interested in volunteering, remember that volunteering means working, look if the pace and simplicity of the accommodation you are right. If this is the case, it's a great adventure, and David and Susan are the then science!

Responsible stance

In their process of self-sufficiency, everything is recycled, recovered:
-Food waste are given to rabbits, whose droppings are collected to make compost
-Water comes to 50% of the river nearby
-A big effort to learn new skills around permaculture volunteers

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