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Coffee and Nature Shop

Also, for example, it offers a chocolate that he himself designed with a chocolatier in the corner which includes vichy inside dark chocolate pellets.

The funniest guy is may be his interminable card which has first view coincides with a responsible approach wrong. And yet... here we apply the same method as the great adventurers of the Arctic. All recipes are imagined and created to achieve the optimum taste but are kept with the original technique for a restaurant.

Make the experience! Me I unfortunately couldn't because we were 15 and too cute is unfortunately too small for so many people.

Responsible stance

Awesome and origianux products

When I went through the menu of the day was:
-Pieces of squid in ink of the coast of Galicia
-Toast spices organic cheese of goat on Apple/pore reduction
-organic yogurt to Ovaltine

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