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Plomeur, FRANCE

A Kerterre is a construction which associates discretion in the landscape and conscious presence of its inhabitant. And here, it is possible to sleep in one of those funny, hyper-friendly environment, to find yourself in the great outdoors, but indoors.

There are 3 rooms of different sizes, for nature and human adventure. Access to the kitchen, dry toilets and shower with water heaters to wood are shared. It is the same for the 'Whaotheque' full of books on nature, the music room: harp, piano, didgeridoo, accordion, flute, violin, cello, clarinet, harmonica.

And why not take a Kerterre course to revisit its needs and its relationship to the other, to the living, to land, to natural resources? ... We teach techniques to build your garden in permaculture and its propreKerterre

Responsible stance

The approach is taken and sustainable in its entirety, the Kerterres are totally integrated into the natural site.

The project is to inspire others to live in a kerterre and then to learn how to build a Kerterres (Foundation, door, window, chimney, decoration, sky-dome, Interior and exterior coatings, interior design,...). It is also an opportunity to learn how to create a 'jungle garden' Permaculture: Forest fruit and vegetables associated with wild plants without weeding. A rich and fertile land with the return of humus and the gardeners of the shadow are common turtles.

Experimentation on the
* HABITAT: optimization of the kerterre, chicken coop, hive, mass skillet, dry toilet, bread oven, * energy: management of natural resources (solar, wind, water, wood...)
* Nature: basketry, picking and cooking of plants, wildlife, walks and relaxation...
The team takes into account any financial difficulties


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