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Kumano Travel

Tanabe, JAPAN

Kumano Travel is an agency of booking and information to visit the Kumano area in Japan, especially around the city of Tanabe (South of Osaka). It is a local initiative based on community, created to provide information, services and products to the traveler that he fully experiencing this region.

This ancient region, within the mountainous prefecture of Wakayama is a spiritual heart of the Japan. Registered in the world heritage of UNESCO, the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trails allow hiking while discovering this rich cultural heritage. And for those who do not like walking, it is quite possible to discover this area by other means: local gastronomy, ryokan (traditional hosting), onsen (hot spring baths), temples visited by the former pilgrims and so on ... It is a rich and magical region that I invite you to discover, to complete a stay in Osaka / Kyoto for example.

For my part, I walked on the road Nakahechi, a trek of 4 days and a half in magnificent landscapes, during which I saw wild animals and used without restraint of the hot baths and the delicious "small set" (a lot of different small dishes) and ryokan. One of my best experiences!

Kumano Travel is part of the Office of tourism of the city of Tanabe

Responsible stance

2 objectives of the Kumano Travel Agency: support local residents and sustainable tourism.
-Organization of workshops and simnaires with the residents to preserve this heritage, share ideas and knowledge for local businesses
-Preservation of the natural, cultural and spiritual heritage by involving the community to keep a balance between economic development and rural areas
-Booking and promotion of local businesses to offer a service based on the community while being economically self-sufficient

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