Picture of the place

L'Essentiel Saveurs Crues

Montpellier, FRANCE

RAW food VEGAN CORNER the essential flavors flood offers exclusively 100% plant food, raw, vegan organic & gluten free.
So what's left on your plate? small delicious things...

The owners offer also fruit and vegetables fresh and organic juice pressed at the minute to the extractor.
It takes sometimes a little wait, but there is a choice and it's worth.

The place is also tea bar and lounge tea, accompanied by raw pastries and desserts.
The set is available take-away food, like RAW FOOD groceries and products produce natural and organic craft beers and natural wines.

Responsible stance

Culinary preparations are exclusively plant from fruit and organic vegetables from local producers in an eco-friendly spirit.

Take-away in glass or recyclable cardboard containers.


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