Picture of the place

L’étang Grand de Pulvérières

Pulvérières, FRANCE

The pond created in 1650 by the Carthusian monks, at the base to be a fish reserve, fish farm, became a very interesting spot for birdwatchers. The large pond of the wetland and vegetation belt is a unique place where many species breed, feed or rest. Full average mountain with views of the Puy chain is an ideal spot for the observation of birds (149 species of birds).

The discovery trail around the pond, which I have seen only one side features educational panels and observatories to discover the birds using the site. Our pass a beautiful Heron showed these feathers.

Responsible stance

The site is managed in association with LPO Auvergne, which set targets for conservation of biodiversity of the site and the habitat. Educating the public is a central point of the pond where the creation of the trail discovered including management.

Personally I was most marked is that one of the observatories and the parking are available for people with reduced mobility.


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