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L’Habitation Clément

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Also known as the mahogany of the tree name field, habitation Clement is an area of 160 Hectares, redeemed by a visionary individual at the end of the nineteenth century, to make a distillery that produces the famous rhum Clément. One hundred years later, the distillery is still active and the new owners value this industrial heritage in a park that lists 300 exotic species of trees.

The Park is a success, haven of peace where we can hang out a whole day with his picnic. The collection of Palm trees from around the world, is particularly extra! For dessert, just pick up a mango, just fell from the tree.
And when it's over, it continues: a new building is reserved for exhibitions by local artists...

Responsible stance

Exceptional utilization of a very typical industrial heritage (rum production) with a daily opening to the public, although explanations do both on techniques and the way of life of the time. Are indeed included in the visit the dependencies and the House whose way of life at the end of the century is replenished with visits by hearing aids.

There is even an exhibition of photos of the very end of the nineteenth century. Older machines have also been preserved.

Axis of improvement: lighting of the Park could come from solar energy rather than a plant and the hearing AIDS work to rechargeable batteries (and Yes, we even checked it, you pay attention to the sustainable or not).

About the hearing aids, certainly it is convenient but I have nostalgia for local guides who can enter into a dialogue. Why not predict specific sessions with a guide in flesh and bones once to twice a week in their planning?

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