Picture of the place

L'Oignon Givré

Montpellier, FRANCE

Located down the street from the University close to the Louis Blanc tram stop (line 1 and 4), a small institution in Montpellier, the onion frost will delight vegetarians (or those who simply love the vegetables) to the tight market.

The principle is this: If one is tempted, we take a soup or a share of pie of the day, then direction the buffet at will. The choice is impressive, classic but effective. For big eaters, option dessert if you take the all-inclusive (soup/pie + buffet + dessert), it's not you will cost only € 9! Who said that it was impossible to eat well without breaking the Bank? If you want just the buffet, it's € 7 + € 1 for the dessert or € 1 for soup or pie.

It's a shame that's open for lunch.

Responsible stance

There's no animal protein, but a balanced, nutritious and especially delicious vegetarian buffet.

And don't you worry for the side buffet, unlike other institutions, here buffet does not rhyme with waste: first they really very well manage their quantities (it comes out, and at 2:30, there was really not much) and little remains that they have are either reused otherwise the next day is given to an association for people in need.

So remember that if want do not have eyes bigger than the gluttonous small stomach: take several small portions rather than a huge plate directly, the trash does not need to be fed!

Small flat? of course plastic glasses!


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