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Montpellier, FRANCE
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Beer craft of Figuerolles, BAF is an association that brews its beer in a traditional way in the District of Figuerolles in Montpellier. She organizes events to animate the neighborhood but also continuous and free training to learn how to BREW beer or brewing-attend!

The Organization's collective in a political system of pyramidal self-organization. The "Soviet Buro" coordinates the active forces of the BAF. The Baffeurs do the job. The motivated kicking, hand and members take the BAF... In short it is now almost 300 people who revolve in the BAF Galaxy and it's worth the trip!

Responsible stance

The BAF is intended:

-Traditional sharing and promotion of know-how, which of the Homebrewing of beer, by production of drinks and beers local and natural;
-Making knowledge, practice, and train its members to brewing techniques while promoting Beers taste diversity and independence of the Brewers.
-Develop techniques for brewing incorporating the use of renewable energy, and broader energy sense;
-Organize or participate in any sort of protests related to Homebrewing to publicize the association;

Promotion of local and natural raw materials, mixing with the least amount of energy possible, development of craftsmanship.

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