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La Barca de Oro

Las Peñitas, NICARAGUA

The Barca proposes eco-lodges: overwater Bungalow do bamboo with dry toilet. These bungalows are comfortable. You can go fishing with fishermen from the village (ask Antonio, this is the best) or ask the owner Sandrine, French, teacher of yoga, a yoga class. Food is very good and the atmosphere is really very cool and good! On top of that, the Barca of Oro is on the water!

Sandrine is always benevolent she will answer your questions. We became friends with her and have discovered huge permaculture garden.

NB: We arrived first at the Barca as part of our Nicaninos Association helping children of the Nicaragua and the world (support for education of children).

Editor's Note: The Barca de Oro also has "classic" rooms.

Responsible stance

Ecological bungalows in bamboo, with dry toilet

Ecological bungalow = hut built of bamboo, palms and recycled wood (natural and recycled materials) + solar energy

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