Picture of the place

Cantine du Nid

Avignon, FRANCE
Doing Health Yoga & co Coffee Shop Restaurant Shopping Clothing Accessories Kids

A multi-location, canteen, shop and yoga and care room.

In this chic canteen, you can stop the time of a drink (hot or cold) or a meal. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant.

Responsible stance

All drinks with alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages are organic. Some of their coffees and teas are too.

At the level of the dishes, they work from organic, fresh and local products. Vegetarian options are available on the map. For vegans you will find your happiness rather in sweets. All to offer a healthy kitchen.

In the shop you will find objects made in France, from recycled, recyclable and/or natural materials.

As for yoga, you can do retreats, courses but also care.


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