Picture of the place

La Casablanca

Calabazo, COLOMBIA

Partly converted into a hostel family house, the place is 10 minutes walk from one of the entrances to the Park Tayrona, Calabazo. The hostel offers rooms of various sizes (double, quadruple, dorm) and a camping (at the draft in January 2018) space and a small pool. It is very interesting to get a night before and/or after the visit to the Park.

Juan runs the place, is very available and is excited to help people with good advice. It will also take care of your business if you want to go light.

Meals are extra and cooked by the family (we found them delicious!). Otherwise, an outdoor kitchen can be used by guests. A few things can be purchased at Juan (including of water in bags of 6 liters to fill the gourd!) or just take 5 minutes to the village to find some shops and street vendors (do not expect too much choice!).

Lying partly in the jungle, you will have the chance to observe the apes in the garden (as we got her one morning!). The short hiking trails leave from the House and come back (little marked, we were accompanied by a member of the family on vacation at that time as well as the same Monkey family, many birds and some areignees!).

Responsible stance

First of all, it is a family business, virtually homestay, the money goes so local. Juan is trying to recycle a maximum of waste (bags of water were recovered for the garden) and make a compost (we said well try...). It is very tuned into the improvements can be made to its establishment and is sensitive to environmental issues.

Fish meals come from their own pool.

Poachers posing traps on the property before his conversion were denied their activity.


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