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La cuisine de Johanna

Bordeaux, FRANCE
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In a nice restaurant in wood and stone, Johanna and Simon, offer since 2014 exclusively vegetarian restoration, in the form of a buffet of the day to the weight (€19 / kg), consisting of salads and hot dishes.

They also offer a soup of the day (2, 50-4, €50), a few accompaniments salty, like cakes and verrines (€2.50) and of course the desserts (€3.60).

Johanna also offers cooking classes.

Responsible stance

A particularly responsible for restaurant:
(1) vegetarian:-Restaurant exclusively vegetarian
-Many vegan (vegan) options - always at least 1 dessert
(2) waste:-weight buffet allows to limit waste and everyone eats his fill.
-It is possible to leave with a doggy bag if we had eyes are bigger than your stomach.
(3) organic
(4) kitchen House
(5) products in season and local (mainly)
(6) food for all:
-option without gluten
-lactose options
-Small price, accessible to all.
(7) packaging Green
-sugar cane trays
-wooden spoons
-towels recycled
-glass containers recorded
-customers are encouraged to bring their own boxes
(8) a few products of the fair trade organic tea and coffee
(9) selective sorting
(10) local eco-designed
-including custom furniture made by a craftsman
(11) environmental products

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