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La Cure Gourmande

Montpellier, FRANCE

Originally from Occitania, the Cure Gourmande develops shops of regional specialties locally produced in the France. Narbonne, one can visit a chocolate factory and Balaruc baths, the biscuit factory. After the free tour, free tasting of all sweet and savoury biscuits and chocolates. Yum!

In Montpellier, the shop's ovens Street near the comedy, in the heart of the pedestrian city.
What me please is there a poetic universe with boxes old, manufactured locally (they saved a factory which had to close) and a real graphic universe thanks to posters.

The range of products is like "home made" and handed over to the taste of the day old cookies and treats, even if it has become a big business.

Responsible stance

Products made in France in Occitania with as many local ingredients.

Least possible packaging - sale in bulk from a lot of the products in store or online (be careful it is not more in a grocery store in bulk, but still!)

Paper bags and super boxes the old-fashioned steel, manufactured in France, reusable without stops and super pretty by the way.

Their regular orders saved a local factory, and staff are regularly trained to the biscuit factory.

Downside: it should be even more sales in bulk... why not encourage customers to report their boxes to fill?

As for the free tours, visit is adapted to all ages. and the reception of the people with reduced mobility.

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