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La Dominique


Dominica, also known as "the nature island of the Caribbean" is a bit the benchmark for responsible tourism in the Caribbean. Tourism mastered, without mass tourism, unspoilt, lush, rich and generous: Legend has it that it is the only island in the Caribbean that Christophe Colomb recognize today!

A country or globalization not yet took everything with it: A preference for local products, a still widespread barter, a mutual existing and healthy, a people living in harmony with nature, according to the seasons and harvests. The island with 365 rivers which you can drink the water. The countries of the (2) Lake boiling world

A native people, the Kalinago Indians, have their own territory and manage it independently.

Responsible stance

Protection of nature and the environment,
Ambitious project to provide all of the energy needs by geothermal,
Heritage conservation,
Autonomy of the Kalinago,
Establishing a (local GR20) hiking trail that crosses the island from North to South, allowing perfect integration between hikers and local populations.

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