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La Ferme de la Découverte

Saint-André, FRANCE

Right near Argeles, the discovery farm is more than just a farm but an animal park reserve of old farming": small Conservatory of biodiversity with 300 breeds of animals, including some endangered species, on 3 acres of greenery.

Fun and educational courses allow small city dwellers to discover family.
for example, a must: bottle feeding the lambs too cute!

Responsible stance

Some describe the approach and others share my enthusiasm for the aspect ludo-educative to biodiversity by a fun approaches and workshops.

Furthermore, the farm includes a Conservatory of endangered species, including for example the woolly pig

Green transport: to avoid driving, the discovery farm offers from 15 April until end of August, a free shuttle, every Tuesday and Thursday at the start of Argelès, a train-bus that takes visitors throughout the day between 10 H and 17H - amazing...

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