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La forêt comestible des Fraternités Ouvrières

Mouscron, BELGIUM
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Are you planning a small fire in Belgium or in the North of the France? Here's an activity that could please you in a small town nearby Roubaix and Tourcoing, Belgian...

In the program, a walk in a forest of 1800 m², where stand not less than 2,000 varieties of trees, on which climb mulberries, redcurrants or Brambles without thorns, while ground crawl several thousand species of edible plants. All-organic and especially... entirely edible, when summer comes, we can pick here several kilos of fruit and vegetables very different without even moving your feet.

In this forest, where everything is edible, Josine and Gilbert explain everything and offers to become a member of the association the working-class fraternities of Mouscron, to be able to walk away with a few original seeds... And especially with the head full of good ideas of permaculture. Josine and Gilbert, do Permaculture, Yes... but they have a way to talk about with their charming Belgian accent. In addition, of course, here it is good walk, provided you pay attention where you put your feet and have a card to not get lost. We're in a forest.

Enter this paradise, to first enter Josine and Gilbert Cardon. Their House is 10 minutes walk from the train station of Mouscron. It is entirely designed to accommodate the members and visitors to the association. Every Thursday afternoon and every Sunday, the door is open.

While waiting for the trip, they have a youtube channel! And you can also discover in the documentary 'The narrow Jungle', shot in 2013 by Benjamin Hennot.

Responsible stance

Here, you will understand everything about permaculture, but no frills. When Josine and Gilbert began cultivating their garden in the 1970s, no one spoke of "permaculture". And it's very simple and intuitive, so that Gilbert made yet that talk about this and gets a little bit on those who would own gardens and have put bleach!

In addition to offering more than organic fruits and seeds, and share some of their knowledge, there the human and philosophical this initiative impact is incalculable. He inspired many alternative projects including the grainotheques self-service and the farm of Bec Hellouin.

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