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La Maison

The Nilgiris, INDIA
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A charming Guest House of only 4 rooms

Responsible stance

At home, according to their website:
-Special attention is paid to the employees of this business: salary and appropriate material, notes security, coverage of the transport needs and health coverage.
-Energy saving are achieved through the use of wood heating, a glass construction and the purchase of energy-saving electrical equipment.
-Regarding the management of water, rain water is recovered through the roof thanks to channels dedicated to specially built water tanks.
-The House except was mainly renovated with wood, the natural use of this material allows to create a carbon sink avoiding the emission of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere and protecting the ozone layer.
-The House also "saved" splendid old jacaranda trees that had to be cut for the transplanted in the garden.
-Waste are separated and the organic components are processed by vermiculture and reused in the private gardens.
-Finally, on-site meals are vegetarian and can be vegan.

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