Picture of the place

La maison des échanges

Montpellier, FRANCE

The House of trade & the shops is a wacky place where it is good to spend time.
First a coffee shop that is also a flea market, a place of exchange of goods and services, as well as talk. It is difficult to cite everything, but there are a lot of things. In a recycling and sharing very human spirit.
They offer also brunches and concerts and very recently they welcome a grocery store without packing, zero waste: Cityzen Market!

Responsible stance

Many #options - vegetarian;
Lunch meal is vegetarian #100% and consists mainly of a salad buffet which allows to minimize waste;
The flea market and Exchange System allows to limit the #Gaspillage through the #Récupération and access to meals at lower cost.
Citizen Market and its founder alex, fight against the #emballages.

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