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La maison des légendes

Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, FRANCE

This eco-friendly cottage is a secret and unusual place. To be called the forest home of the Plos or the House of legends, a stay there is likely to be transformed into an enchanted moment!

The building, located in the heart in the heart of the forest of St Guilhem-le-Desert, is a rustic barn which has been completely renovated. We like difficult access (4.5 km forest track) which makes the magical place and corresponds to its authenticity and you remember that the end of the world is often closer than you think. Back to basics guaranteed!

I only stayed for the night, not making me is that for a retreat of yoga and cooking in July but I've been really conquered by the place and experience.

Responsible stance

Autonomous water (rain water collection);
Resources energy photovoltaic panels.
selective sorting of waste;
In addition to the classic bathroom a common health space is equipped with toilets.

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