Picture of the place

La Part des Anges


"French wine is not dead": a little what we'd shout and strong in crossing the threshold, after a glass (or bottle for the most courageous). Created in 1998, this cross address offers three activities in one place:-a wine cellar, with more than 300 references selected with care and passion, only natural wines (in short: old), bios (labeled "Demeter" / "AB" / "Ecocert"). biodynamic or a minimum "from agriculture in principled struggle (that is to say tending towards a natural mode of production, without having yet all aspects);"
-cellar Bistro open for lunch to eat a piece with an entrance and a menu of the day, with a weekly selection of ten wines for the price;
-a wine bar, with what accompanied the drink of Bacchus outside the niche "midi": charcut plates ' or frome' tone, anchovies or view of Cantabria... what get well!

Responsible stance

The brothel owner has only one watchword: select a fiercely oriented in an organic or biodynamic wine range. Only a few references are not from, and yet these are wines of a "committed, sustainable agriculture". A good philosophy and a true love of the profession, it is really appreciated!


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